Why This Works

5 years ago my anxiety and mental health overwhelmed me. I was very fortunate though that my employer at the time sent me to a remarkable therapist. In that first session they changed my perception and reaction to negative events like switching off a lightbulb. As I walked across the car park afterwards I realised all that negativety and loathing I had towards myself was gone. I then retrained and learnt as much as I could so that I could share this way of moving forward with your life. This course will do just that.


Your Course at a Glance

  • 8 progressive and immersive audio sessions

  • Core Values Guide - Working out what drives you.

  • Subjective Unit of Distress Scale - How to quantify you are changing.

Your Course Tutor

Martin Hewlett GQHP

Martin Hewlett

Why choose me? Because I have been there. I suffered from anxiety and insecurities most of my life, in psychiatric care at 14! I have used my system on so many clients with incredible results. To help even more people (which is my core value) I needed to take this approach online. I completely believe in what I have created for you and stake my reputation on this.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to a new you.

    • Welcome to a New You

    • Welcome . Are you ready to change your life?

    • What is Anxiety and how can you change it?

    • The Solution - Learning to control your negative emotions.

    • SUDS!! Subjective Units of Distress Scale - Quanitifying your distress.

    • Core Values - What drives you and why you need to know.

    • Ready to relax and set yourself free?

    • A taste of what to expect.

  • 2

    The Audio Sessions - The Foundation.

  • 3

    Healing and understanding.

    • The Fork in the Path - Changing negatives for Positives

    • Fork in the Path - The moment you decide to take back control.

    • Introducing "Coping to Mastery".

    • Coping to Mastery - Taking your most anxious moment and making it your best.

    • The Control Room. A video introduction.

    • The Control Room - A way of rewiring you subconcious.

    • The Complete Journey - Say Goodbye To Anxiety

    • The Complete Journey - Setting yourself free.

    • Subjective Units of Distress Scale - Where are you now?

    • Congratulations.

Professional Registration.

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  • I've tried others, why is yours so special?

    I have written this course based on over 30 years of helping people from all walks of life. 20 years experience as a frontline paramedic, a clinical hypntherapist and now, creator of the hugely successful "Calming Anxiety" podcast show.

  • I don't have the time

    That is not an issue with this course. The audio guides are there for when you are ready for bed, simply listen to the guided sessions and I will do all the work for you.

  • What if it doesn't work?

    I am absolutely convinced you will gain enourmous benefit from this course or I would not put my reputation on the line. However, if after you have completed the course you feel you have not gained from it I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • I can't afford it.

    Imagine your life in a year from now but without any distraction from anxiety and negative thoughts, what would you pay for that? Worth giving up a few coffees each day at work? To not binge on unhealth snacks due to anxiety? Imagine being set free from the negative memories that hold you back, what price would you give happiness?

  • I have tried hypnotherapy before and it didn't work.

    I honestly believe everyone can be hypnotised to some extent. This is why I have written this course and designed the audio session the way they are set out. It is not just a hypnotherapy tape, its a very careful blend of meditation and self hypnosis. YOU will be in control every step of the way, YOU will be fully aware of everything I say and how I guide you. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose by taking this course and everything to gain.

A brief clip of the audio sessions.

In my course I will do all the work for you, all you need to do is find a time where you will not be disturbed, lie or sit somewhere comfortable and listen.

Here is a short audio clip that highlights the style of audio you will experience throughout the course.

I am the change Sound Bite.mp3

Social proof: testimonials

"Thank you for the Banish Anxiety Course"

Hi Martin, Thank you for the Banish Anxiety Course I have listened to the sessions few times each and would like to thank you for your fantastic work. After the death of my father in January and the start of the coronavirus here in UK I began suffering with severe anxiety as I haven’t experienced anything like that before . Due to this I was unable to eat, breathe properly and continue with my normal daily activities to the extent that I had to seek medical help. One of the paramedics suggested listening to relaxation and mindfulness apps. From all the apps and podcasts I came across I can honestly say your sessions I found the most helpful and comforting. The course is definitely effective, I can honestly say I’m now slowly returning back to normal. The techniques and background music used, helped into resetting my thoughts and seeing the bright , hopeful , positive side. I am not sure if this was expected, after listening to some of the sessions (5,6,7 and 8) I would fall asleep for couple of hours providing I was listening in the mornings after waking up. Than I would wake up and continue with the day feeling fresh, positive and energised. I enjoyed the course introduction, with evaluating our level on the distress scale and the main core values I would recommend the course to many people because it helped and I am the example. Thank you for you kindness and I will keep on listening to the daily podcasts.

"Thank you"

Hi Martin. I just want to say thank you. I have recently found your sessions on the internet. For many years I have let negative triggers get the better of me, which has become more and more frequent. I am 25, and would say I have suffered from this since around 16. I have tried a lot of things to manage them easier. Your sessions have helped me in the right direction to overcome this. I have never listened to any other hypnotherapy session quite like yours. Every session of yours that I’ve so far listened to completely sends me off in a trance. Your soft tone of voice is so reassuring and background music makes me feel like I am at a spa. I listen to them before I go to sleep and every one of them has sent me off and taken my anxiety away for the night. I wake up feeling refreshed. I know that whenever I feel a negative trigger affect my life and make me feel anxious, I will listen to your podcasts. Thank you again. I don’t use Facebook, but I would like to leave a review somewhere. Please let me know where the best place to do that is. Take care.

"Super Helpful"

Dear Martin I have started the course and I am on audio session 2. I am finding it super helpful already so thank you so much. I am able to relax and let go which is fantastic. I will feedback further as I move on with the course. Many Thanks

"Thank you"

Hello Martin. Sorry for the random message but I just experienced one of your anxiety hypnosis tracks on the net and it was truly helpful. I just wanted to thank you for this! keep up the good work! Adam

"Highly recommend"

Have been starting my days with these sessions and it makes me so calm. I’ve never meditated before but it’s really helping me to start my journey in meditation. Would highly recommend!

"A Meditation Favourite"

I have been practicing meditation off and on for the past several years. I have tried dozens of guided meditation programs. So many guides seem to think they need to add a lot of reverb or other effects to their voice so it sounds like they’re speaking to you from the “ great beyond”. Or they force a whisper or over-dramatize long pauses. I find all of that to be very distracting. This guide is different! I find Martin’s tone of voice, delivery and cadence to be very reassuring and agreeable. Also, the topics chosen to focus on have been very helpful. His guidance keeps my meditation on course, while allowing me to focus on myself rather than him. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

Imagine a life free of anxiety and stress?

If you could wake up tomorrow, now free of anxiety, what would you do? Let that thought sink in.

  • Still unsure?

    If you have any doubts, you can try the early parts of the course for free, no commitment, no cost. You can even do the whole course and if you complete it and are still not convinced, you have a 30 day money back guarantee!! It really is that simple.

  • The time for change is NOW!

    Did you realise, that by getting this far you have already started to prepare your subconcious mind for change? By searching for a solution on the internet and finding me, you are ready to accept a change in the way you think and feel.

  • Be the change.

    Once you complete this course, you will open your mind to more possibilites than you could have imagined. A way of looking at yourself and life with a positive perspective. YOU are the change, You have started to take back control.